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Work Samples 

Score for A Thread Through the Maze, July 2022

Dance score for Young Dancemakers teen choreographer whose dance featured themes of confusion and disorientation that teens feel as they face today's political and social pressures alongside the challenges of growing up

Score for A Thread Through the Maze
00:00 / 02:38

Music for Living at Sarah Lawrence video, January 2022

In collaboration with the Office of Marketing and Communications at Sarah Lawrence College, I created an original music bed for their promotional video on life at SLC

Music for Living at Sarah Lawrence Video
00:00 / 02:12

Score for Beyond TonedJuly 2021

Dance score for Young Dancemakers Company teen choreographer dealing with the theme of power in one's body regardless of body type

Score for Beyond Toned
00:00 / 02:50

Score for Nostalgia-esque, February 2021

Dancefilm score for Rachael Lieblein-Jurbala, exploring themes of isolation and self discovery

Score for Nostalgia-Esque
00:00 / 04:44

Music for Sarah Lawrence College Winter Greetings Video, November 2020

In collaboration with Office of Marketing and Communications

Winter Greetings Video - Sarah Lawrence College
00:00 / 01:46

Score for We Are One, July 2020

Dance score for Young Dancemakers Company teen choreographer dealing with themes of racial inequality and finding unity in times of turmoil

Score for We Are One
00:00 / 02:38

Score for re(con)figured, Spring 2020

Dancefilm score for Shaelyn Casey’s dance MFA thesis. A reworking and expansion of the previous semester’s dance piece. 

In the Sand, November 2019

Song written for short rotoscope animation by Leah Hewlings. Inspired by Lady Gaga and queer embodiment. 

Score for String Theory, Fall 2019

Dance score for MFA candidate Shaelyn Casey. Piece inspired by the intersections of science and dance. 

Score for Potential EnergyJuly 2019

Dance score for Young Dancemakers Company teen choreographer. Inspired by space and the creation of the universe

Score for Senseless Remembrance: A Shoe Dance for Ita, Spring 2019

Dance score for piece by Katie Labadie. Inspired by childhood memories, of family and a particular pair of shoes, and their interconnection

Score for Murmuration, Fall 2019

Dance score for dance MFA candidate Julie Mondrick. Piece inspired by the movement of birds

Incidental Music for The Toilet of Poetry, October 2019

Sound design for play by Lizhi Chen. Directed by Glenn Potter-Takata. Musical direction inspired by the weird and uncanny

Fantasy XIX, October 2019

Short Score for The Celestial Mirror, a video installation by Camellia Bayle-Spence

Bicycle Built for Two, June 2018

An arrangement of Bicycle Built for Two I did for Cat Eng’s dance piece, Cyborg.v3

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