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Kat Carlsen is a composer and experimental sound artist who specializes in electronic composition. Their composition work has been used on a range of projects, from sound design for theatre to animation scoring, and they have extensive experience scoring for dance performance. In 2019, they received their Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College where they concentrated in electronic music composition. They have also studied art history, digital art making, and mindfulness psychology, all of which influence their practice. Currently, they are based out of Beijing, where they are researching music as medicine. 

Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between sound and the body, from using sound as a means of communication to sound as a tool for healing. I’ve used music and sound to explore subjective and personal issues related to family history and generational trauma, as well as the larger scale physical and emotional traumas that the body undergoes as we are subjected to capitalism. I’m currently very interested in how sound can heal sick and  traumatized bodies, particularly those who have been traumatized by medical intervention.

Collaborative Mission

As a collaborator, my goal is to bring to life the vision of the individuals I’m working with. I draw my inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, aspiring to utilize my musical voice and breadth of stylistic knowledge to design exactly the sounds in my collaborators’ imaginations. 

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